The Big LEV Question

Our Product Manager Dan explores how EVR could be valuable in light of the recent introduction of the ultra low emission zone in London in his latest blog

So as we may be aware London has recently introduced a new ultra low emission zone, this covers the same area as the congestion charge but has a £100 daily charge (due 24 hours a day) for high emitting vehicles that want to drive within this area.  This started in April 2019 as part of London’s target to reduce roadside emissions and to help make the city a healthier place.  Many other areas in and around the UK and the world are looking to replicate these zones with many commitments to ban diesel and petrol vehicles in the next decade.  So if you are a delivery driver in the world of Amazon, Just Eat and online shopping how could you afford to spend £700 extra a week on an emissions tax? This is an area where drivers are complaining that this new tax will price them out of the market and that the cost of upgrading to a low emission van is too high….or is it?

Close-up Detail of Low Emission Zone Traffic Sign with Camera Tutor for Violations and Fines.

So when questioned, one of the biggest worries a delivery driver had about switching to a low emission/electric vehicles is a phrase I like to call “range anxiety”. This is basically a concern over whether the listed range on a vehicles, for example 100 miles, can actually be done when considering factors such as idle time, drop off time, congestion or even the weather? All of these factors can hinder the performance of the battery and are stopping drivers switching over to Electric Vehicles, but what if there was a way to find out how much money and emissions you could save, and how much battery you would have left at the end of the route? At Basemap we have just developed a new product called Electric Vehicle Router (EVR) which helps address the range anxiety issue. If you’re a small fleet you can plug in your car details, the parcel drop off locations and your depot, then EVR runs this through our detailed algorithms and returns the battery that will be used, the order in which the stops will be best delivered in and also the money and emissions that will be saved by each vehicle.  Over time you can use this data to help build a business case to switch your fleet over to low emission/electric vehicles.  If you are a one man band that is delivering 100 parcels a day, why don’t you plug in and see what you can save?

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