Round the monopoly board in a single charge

Advance to Pall Mall. If you pass Go, you may collect your £200.
You may not stop to charge your vehicle.


Using our Electric Vehicle Routing software (EVR), we calculated the most efficient route around the monopoly board.

Okay … not actually around the monopoly board, that’s pretty linear. Start at go, just pass jail, across to free parking, skip past the angry police officer, pause to look at the expensive houses in Mayfair, praying you don’t have to pay rent and finish on Go.

No, we made it a little bit trickier, we translated all of the properties on the monopoly board (and some of the non-property spaces) into parcel locations to be imported to EVR.

EVR is designed for logistics and calculating delivery routes specifically for mixed and hybrid fleets, including electric vehicles. Using the latest road network, EVR considers the speed limit, travel distance and road type to calculate the shortest and fastest route. When there are different vehicles types EVR utilizes the EVs for LEZs.

For most properties, the real-world location was straight forward, 1 park lane, 1 Northumberland av. Etc. but for the more obscure places we had to choose our own representative locations, these include:


  • Water Works – Buckingham Palace water fountain
  • The Electric Company – Battersea Power Station
  • Jail – Tower Bridge
  • Go – Bank of England
  • Income Tax – The Treasury


So how does the route look in an EV?


27 Miles to 32 destinations.

Costing only £1.52 in electricity.

And still 70% charge left in the battery.

Using the map, we can see how the property colours are grouped together and see how this translates into the order of destinations on the route.

So how does this differ in a diesel vehicle?

Basemap EVRWe ran the calculation again, this time with a mid-sized diesel van. While the physical route and order of destinations is the same as the electric vehicle, the expenses are notable.

5.07kg of CO2 and 39.21g of NO2 and of course, the pennies and pounds.

On a single journey around the Monopoly board, this equates to a saving of £12.80 when opting for the electric vehicle, but when we extrapolate this out for multiple vehicles on multiple journeys the savings become vast…

After all, Mr Monopoly is all about saving those pennies.

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