Product tip v1.0.2 #2 :Results and review.

Product tip v1.0.2 #2
Results and review

In the previous product tip, for EVR version 1.0.2., we introduced and showed you how to set off an international calculation, and what is to be expected when setting off any calculation; this time we’ll be taking a look at what the results tell us and the information EVR presents to the user.

In this product tip, we’ll cover:

Results (and where to find them)
Driver panel
Route deep dive
Downloading the results


Let’s start exactly where we left off the previous product tip… the results.

Once we have set off a calculation you will be notified by both an email and the bell icon detailing when a route has returned a calculation.

Basemap EVR

The email will prompt you to reload Then to select the bell icon.
This icon will show the history of your pre-planned routes. From here select the one you want to view. We will select the newest route to view.

Once this loads you will be presented with a window of information.
This information is presented in different colours for ease of viewing and each one refers to a different driver and route.

2. Driver information panel

On the right-hand side of the screen you will see the driver information panel.
This panel indicates key information about each driver.

If we look at the first driver we are shown (left to right): an icon, the number of parcels on their route, the total distance, their remaining battery percentage (if using an electric vehicle, example: the blue driver) and the viewer toggle – this will allow you to hide drivers routes or add them as necessary to view the routes in more detail.

If we click the arrow under the viewer toggle, we will be presented with further information about the driver and their journey. The stopwatch indicating the predicted journey time for the driver to follow the optimal route and complete the allocated stops, the number plate of the assigned vehicle, along with their name and finally, the cost of the journey and the emissions calculations. For an electric vehicle such as this one both the financial and emissions costs are very low compared to the same journey using a fossil fuel or combustion engine. 

3. Route deep dive 

As we widen our view of the screen we are presented with the routes you drivers will take.  

Here the driver start point is indicated by the depot location icon on the map and portrays the entire route that the driver will use to deliver the parcels allocated to them. 


If we click a specific driver icon, we are given an in-depth breakdown of each stop that the driver will be making along their allocated route.

By clicking on one of the stops, we are given the information of the delivery information of this parcel or item. 

4. Savings 


This next section is where things get interesting, for this I have run the same calculation but with 2x combustion engine (1x petrol and 1x Diesel) vehicles alongside 2x electric vehicles (all with the same dimensions and carrying capacity). 

5. Downloading your results 

Downloading the results could not be simpler.

For individual drivers, click the download option next to their icons, on the driver information panel. 

For downloading all the information in one go, we have a download all button located in the top ribbon.

When downloading you will be prompted to select a location on your PC as to save the .zip folder and its contents. When extracting the contents, you will see a number of CSV and GPX files. These files correlate to each of the drivers’ journeys (when downloading all or separately) and will be appropriately named with the vehicle registration number that was used to plan their route. 

The CSV can then be viewed in an application such as excel and the GPX can be added to an application such as TOM TOM or GARMIN for journey planning. 

I hope you enjoyed our whistle stop tour (part 1 & 2) of what EVR can do and how to do it. 

If you want to revisit part 1, click here.

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