EVR v.1.0.2 – April 2021

EVR v.1.0.2 – April 2021

As more and more EVs are being released and more LEZ areas are being committed to, Basemap are continuing to strengthen our EV routing software. This release of v.1.0.2 has added greatly to the already strong and progressive nature of EV fleet and vehicle pre-planning delivery of EVR.

This release has added some exciting new features, improvements and responsivity of the product that users will really benefit from.



You can now use EVR not only for UK destinations but for overseas and international route planning. The accuracy of these deliveries are to the same standard and detail as our first iteration of UK based EV routing and planning.

With the expansion of the ULEZ area in London, the optimised algorithm prioritises EVs for routes that enter the established LEZs (Low Emissions Zones). This will ensure that any company using EVs and conventional combustion engines will be accurately shown how much money can be saved. As the UK and international areas continue to pledge and install LEZs, EVR will continue to accurately portray the costs and vehicle ranges to coincide with these.


EVR utilises cutting edge and bespoke algorithms that prioritises EVs over conventional combustion engines when both are actively loaded into the drivers’ and vehicles’ profiles. This is subject to availability of EVs and driving range constraints.



With the enhancement of the algorithm in the backend of EVR; users who update and provide more information about the size, capacity and range of vehicles, allow EVR to distribute parcels more evenly between vehicles.

Faster and more optimal results: the parcels delivery algorithm has been improved with respect to the previous release. As results are produced in half of the time of previous iteration and the routes found are shorter compared to the previous version of the algorithm.

  • Improved travel time estimation of the vehicles’ journey.
  • Added “travel time” column in the route results table to support the previous.
  • General UI fixes and improvements.
  • EVR now emails support after user logs in (email is sent to the registered email address).
  • Default EVR licence plan is silver until 1st
  • Improvements/fixes for editing/deleting drivers and vehicles.
  • Improved accuracy for calculating geo-locations for parcel delivery addresses internationally (can see if given address is shown correctly in results).
  • Added mandatory city column on the EVR UI whilst uploading parcels files to support above.
  • GPX export for the route results


These changes are automatically implemented in the EVR application, so you don’t have to download any new software.

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