Celebrating European Mobility Week

It’s EuropeanMobilityWeek from 16th – 22nd September 2019, a week that looks to improve public health and quality of life across Europe through promoting clean mobility and sustainable transportation. Across the continent and around the UK, businesses, councils and schools are celebrating this week by highlighting the benefits of sustainable transportation, such as electric vehicles or car shares, and promoting safe walking and cycling practices.

At EVRouting, we know how important sustainable travel is in the present, and for the future. It’s great to see such a large campaign across numerous countries designed to educate the public, young and old, into ways they can help reduce emissions and improve air quality and the environment. Of course electric vehicles benefit the environment, but they also have many benefits for their owners and drivers, whether for personal use or implemented across a business.

Benefits of an electric vehicle fleet:

  • Cheaper to run and maintain

Despite a slightly higher initial cost, electric vehicles are cheaper to run than their petrol or diesel counterparts, and the government offers tax breaks and grants to promote this environmentally friendly mode of transport.

  • No emissions polluting our environment

Electric vehicles are greener and much more eco-friendly than petrol or diesel engines – they don’t emit toxic gases or smoke into the environment, so you’ll be running your business on clean energy and improving air quality by choosing electric.

  • Reach your companies sustainability goals

If your organisation has sustainability goals to reach, raising awareness and making the switch is a great first step towards reaching them. It can also help improve your brand image with customers, clients, and employees.

  • Maximise your miles without range anxiety

EV Routing software maximises the miles you travel while still providing confidence that you won’t run out of power before reaching your destination. Our software is designed for companies who are thinking of introducing Electric Vehicles into their fleet and solves the problem of range anxiety. We help businesses and organisations make the switch to electric fleets by providing detailed financial and emission savings.

So if your business or organisation has a fleet of vehicles, why not consider making the switch this EuropeanMobilityWeek!

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