How a KTP is helping advance EVR

Our Graduate Machine Learning and AI Developer Carmen explains how her KTP role with the University of Surrey is helping with the development of EVR in this blog

I have recently undertaken a 30 month Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Surrey and Basemap to help produce the EVR software with my focus on the project being around the algorithm and machine learning elements around the battery life.  What excites me at Basemap is the fact that I have a very precise and specific role where I have to cope not only with code and usual software development, but also with research into some of the most fascinating computer science fields that involves the investigation of new techniques to find solutions at well-known hard problems.

The KTP has given me the opportunity to share the knowledge with experienced professors at the University who come from a range of different backgrounds from Mechanics to Operational research and Applied Mathematics.  The University of Surrey itself is world leading with regards to battery management and have worked on high profile projects such as the Mars Rover!  This collaboration has really helped me write new features for EVR through continuous weekly meetings giving different perspectives on each issue and through discussions which help me understand which is the fastest and most intelligent way to solve a specific challenge.

Through the KTP we are addressing problems related to the estimation of battery life and utilising machine learning models to help accurately estimate the driving range that an electric vehicle has in the real-world scenario in comparison to the one declared by the vehicle manufacturer. We are also working on the implementation and continuous improvements of very fast and efficient routing algorithms that solve the path planning problem.  This involves delivery of parcels by using both electric and non-electric vehicles and each vehicle type has very different and strict constraints.

Part of the KTP allows me to continuously improve my knowledge, not just through the University but also the time I’m at Basemap as I can attend specific training courses which is a very rare and precious opportunity given by companies. The KTP allows me to learn and grow a lot and thus gives advantage to both Basemap and myself.

During my KTP program, I expect to improve my development, software and presentation skills. I would really like to enhance my abilities to explain complex and technical computer science concepts to a wide audience. Moreover, I would like to contribute to the computer science community, through some publications and by sharing the knowledge achieved with my job. I hope that we will continually improve the algorithm making use of many existing and new datasets to ensure we have the most accurate electric vehicle routing algorithm on the market and help to switch many fleets away from combustion engines.

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