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Our History

  • Established in 2001

    Basemap, who were established in 2001, have a rich history in the development of products that utilise complex datasets to produce routing products. Their first product TRACC is market leading and trusted by government agencies all over the world to look into transport travel times using all modes of transport.  Part of the application allows routing via the car, but traditionally only uses average speed information to select the optimal routes from A>B.  A question was asked if it would be possible to look at other factors that could affect battery performance, such as the steepness of a hill, the weight of the parcels or even the weather, this led us to start the development of our Electric Vehicle Routing software.

  • Development started in 2018

    Development started in 2018 on the EVR product with an initial proof of concept released the same year.  This proof of concept was utilised using Basemap expertise as well as the University of Surrey, who helped to develop an initial algorithm that looked at the effect on battery performance and gradients, showing how both regenerative braking and the incline of the hill had adverse effects on the battery performance.  The aim was to help alleviate “Range Anxiety” which is very common with electric vehicle drivers and is the worry of is there enough battery for me to get from A>B and then back again.  Basemap took this proof of concept and showed it in front of potential clients and advisory groups such as the energy savings trust, where feedback on the product was very complimentary. Interesting though, at this stage, the feedback was that actually there are not a lot of fully electric vehicle fleets out there at the moment.  The real interest was could we develop a tool that would help traditional combustion engines fleets switch to electric.

  • Launched in 2019

    This feedback has resulted in not only EVR producing accurate routing analysis for both electric and non-electric vehicles, but also giving key statistics on CO2, N02 and costs for each driver route.  Where EVR comes into its own is giving the cost saving if you switched your combustion engine across to electric, helping fleet managers convert their fleets across to electric, and ensuring that there is enough battery life for each driver to deliver the route.  The product launched in May 2019 and on the extensive roadmap we have the aim to ensure EVR remains the most accurate electric vehicle routing product on the market. We are looking to new datasets and utilising machine learning to ensure our algorithms can be trained to not only look at external factors but also how a battery performs over time.

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Meet The Team

Meet the Basemap team who have taken the idea for EVR and transformed it into an innovative software package that we’re now excited to share.

Software Developer

Kalyani is one of our software developers, originally from Pune, India she keeps the team motivated by cooking up regular snacks and hosting the team for delicious curry night.

On EVR she manages mainly the front end of the application, managing the various interfaces the application utilises.

Product Specialist

Alex is one of our product specialists; she is responsible for testing the application and helping to feed into the features.

Many of the great features in EVR have been designed and tested by Alex.

Alex loves animals, she has a few cats at home and is often showing members of the team photos of her cats.

Product Specialist

Raquel is another product specialist, working on and testing EVR.

She also is responsible for looking at data and is taking the lead with finding international datasets to help grow the presence of EVR abroad.

In her spare time she is a keen cook, and loves the outdoors and is often found walking or cycling about the countryside.

Project Manager

Dan is the Product Manager at Basemap and has ultimate responsibility for the EVR and the features, if there’s a new feature you’d like to have, he’s the best person to speak to.

In his spare time, he is a keen follower of Tottenham and you can often find him in the gym or watching a film.

Software Engineer

Carmen is our knowledge transfer partnership employee linked with the University of Surrey.

She has ultimate responsibility for the machine learning and algorithm of EVR.

She loves the challenge of EVR as it creates some of the most difficult computer science optimization problems.

In her spare time, Carmen loves to swim and experience new adventures.

Software Developer

Shahin is a developer at Basemap and takes the lead with many of the back-end aspects of EVR, he enjoyed the challenge of creating an algorithm queue manager.

In his spare time, he loves playing sport and is a keen kickboxer and football player.


Shereine works within the Business Development area of Basemap and is excited to be supporting the team with the launch of EVR.

Her role is researching and identifying all new business for EVR and contributing to the planned substantial growth of this advanced technology. Outside of work, Shereine enjoys all things related to health and well-being along with spending time with her family, friends and pet dog.

Ramin Zarghany
Software Developer

Ramin is the latest developer to join the team and will be looking after the licensing elements of EVR.

In his spare time, Ramin likes playing the guitar and making music.


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