In conversation with David McKinstery

In conversation with David McKinstery

What excites you about working with EV software?

With the Government’s green industrial revolution, It will be at the cutting edge of the EV movement, so enabling customers to confidently move across to this greener future. Being able to work in such a “hands-on” way, enables me to feel like I’m really making a difference in a way that will help a lot of people.

What made you want to join the EVR team?

It is a great opportunity to move into this exciting area and help develop a software solution which will model the future. EVR is a great simple tool that companies can really utilise to not only save money but also the environment – what more could you want?

What’s your main aim for EVR?

To exhibit to companies to really showcase EVR’s Machine learning capabilities. Showing that with each calculation EVR becomes even more realistic and therefore more cost effective to run a fleet of EV vehicles. With real live life costings and comparisons between diesel, petrol and EV. Enabling fleets to route plan and forecast EV’s energy consumption. The more EVs that come to market and the more journeys that get planned by EVR the more accurate the results will be.

Where do you see the EVR technology going in the future?

There will be further integration with third parties and more enhanced features to move with market demand. We are currently developing an API version of the algorithm that will allow fleets to plug into from their existing fleet management software. This would allow fleets to carry on working with their preferred method of organisation but also boost their planning with an ecological element. Perfect for evidencing in environmental business reports and tracking savings to calculate ROI for switching to EVs.

What did you do in life before Basemap?

I have been working within the transport industry for over 25 years, first as an Account Manager/ new business, with Mandata, who supply Traffic management software, telematics and POD (proof of delivery) apps, and then latterly with Freeway Fleet supplying workshop software.

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