EVR v.1.0.3 – June/July 2021

This has been a very quick but productive release for the team behind EVR.
In less than three months we have produced a multitude of changes both to the UI and the backend (algorithm) to optimise and make EVR the best it can possibly be in its current iteration, but we are constantly upgrading, creating and developing.

This release has been timed to coincide with ITT hub. Where we will be showcasing the latest features of EVR. ITT stands for innovation & technology in transport, government and businesses will come together to harness the latest technology to improve our lives and progress with decarbonization – for example EVR’s savings calculator.

Alongside this we can officially declare the new tagline for EVR.

EVR – Route. Plan. Save.


Users will notice numerous updates to the UI and its responsiveness. These are everywhere; from fully collapsible snackbars, to changes in screen scaling and resolution.

Two of the major implementations to the UI are:

Once an account is created, the user will be guided through how to set up and run calculations.
Once this has been completed the user is able to turn these off. But if you ever need to the revisit the help cards visit the settings window to turn on the help cards once again.

One of the biggest improvements to the UI of EVR is the savings window.
Users have detailed how a constant and viewable window of savings made across periods of time were greatly needed, so we gave you one.

In the savings window, every calculation is shown with its savings. This is available to be viewed at every stage of a calculation being run. Currently the savings are shown as a culmination of previous savings results in different time periods (Current, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months).


  • Background mapping can be tailored to the user’s choice: greyscale or colour
  • When a calculation is ready to be submitted for the routing, users will notice that EVR’s calculate button will dance to indicate it is ready.
  • Users can clearly see and tailor their plan and invoices from selecting my plans or my invoices.


  • ENERGY CONSUMPTION MODEL: Optimisation to the energy consumption models giving highly accurate and more sophisticated vehicle and driving behaviour algorithm calculations.
  • Licensing has been extensively worked on for user ease.
  • Users can now choose between: Starter, Bronze, Silver and Gold/Custom plans for EVR.
  • Results are automatically shown on screen with an automated window refresh.
  • Vehicle creation and editing has been improved.
  • Driver creation and editing has been improved.
  • Users can now download copies of their results and savings in a .CSV format
  • Improvements to the Optimisation of the routing calculations to make seamless deliveries.

These changes are automatically implemented in the EVR app so you don’t have to download any new software.

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