Electric Vehicle Routing

Basemap have produced a route optimisation software package designed to help existing fleets make the switch from combustible engines to electric. With the ability to compare all engine types, EVR provides detailed financial and emission savings giving you the confidence to switch your fleet of vehicles to electric.

Electric & Autonomous Vehicle Router Software

We have worked in collaboration with UK leading experts in battery efficiency and algorithms from The University of Surrey and, by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, our EVR software helps maximise the miles that vehicles do every day, while still having confidence that there is sufficient charge to return to depot. Starting from a free beginner subscription, there is a range of subscriptions for every size of fleet.

Fast accurate routing for Electric Vehicles using detailed Ordnance Survey data

Solves the problem of “range anxiety” – ensures battery sufficient to fulfil all deliveries on route

Provides a monthly history of potential savings

Takes into account all of the elements which impact EV’s

Automatically geocode your address data and accurately position the parcel on the map

Download the route as a CSV file showing the exact route for parcel delivery


Cost savings

1,720.16 kg

CO2 savings

13,313.04 g

NO2 savings

Statistics show the savings that could be made over a 12 month period and are based on 3 drivers switching from diesel to electric and delivering 150 parcels a day.

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